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What do I get by registering and how much does it cost?


Registering and taking a trial is completely free. To create an account you just have to provide a valid e-mail address and choose a username and a password.


How can I take a trial on PM Simulator?


Just register and enjoy our platform for 30 minutes.


How can I add credit to my account?


If you already have an account on PM Simulator but have run out of credit, or your free access has expired, you can easily reload your account from the Buy Credit option on the main menu.


Are payments secure?


PM Simulator uses an external Virtual POS terminal (Virtual Point-of-Sale terminal) completely and exclusively managed by a bank. Your data will be encoded by the bank's digital certificate.


PM Simulator never stores any data from the purchasing process.


By which payment methods can I add credit to my account?


At the moment, PM Simulator only offers secure payment by credit card.


Can I "stop" my remaining credit if I am not going to use the simulator for some time?


We are sorry, but the purchased credit starts running out once the payment is performed.


Does PM Simulator offer any warranty?


In case you take the PMP® exam and don't pass it, we guarantee a new access to our simulator until you do. Just send us your exam results, and you will get a new access (for the same duration than the last purchased). We share the same goal: we want you to become a recognized project management professional.