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PMP® (Project Management Professional) is a certification proving your knowledge of the most popular project management methodology in the world. Promoted by the PMI (Project Management Institute), and with over 400,000 certified professionals, the PMP® Certification proves your belonging to a successful and motivated group of professionals, adds value to your organization, improves your CV, raises your professional and salary categories, and places you on a highly-active market where the demand for PMPs is increasing every day. More info on: Project Management Institute.


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Get free access to the simulator and take as many tests and exams as you want during 30 minutes. You will be able to check the quality of our contents and methods. Our methodology is built on knowledge areas and process groups in order to facilitate a progressive learning coordinated with the PMBOK® Guide, 5th edition. You will as well have the opportunity of taking a complete exam, facing the same conditions you are going to encounter at the PMP® exam. Access the PMP simulator now


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In order to control your progress and to know when you are ready to take the exam, PMP® Simulator provides complete monitoring and statistics of the taken exams, and compares them with those of other users.


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In case you take the PMP® exam and don't pass it, we guarantee a new access to our simulator until you achieve it. Just send us your exam results, and you will get a new access (for the same duration than the last purchased). We share the same goal: we want you to become a recognized project management professional.